About Us

Company Introduction


After 39 years working as hardware and building material supplier, today’s Thong Hin Loong Hardware is not only a stalwart of the industry, but also has the experience, the relationships, and most importantly the network of hardware tools to construction materials to ensure a long and bright future for the business.

In 1982, Thong Hin Loong Hardware was founded, a hardware retail store based in Selangor. The business has continued to grow and evolve ever since, with a firm focus on supporting growth and profitability, of course bringing value to our business associates and customers.

Today Thong Hin Loong Hardware is one of the leading retailer and wholesaler with a recognized brand providing its customers in whole Malaysia with an expansive product set with market-customized assortments at highly competitive prices, superior product availability, and value-added services like eCommerce ship-to-store, all within a flexible model which requires no membership.

Thong Hin Loong Hardware is celebrating 39th anniversary in year 2021. We have been working very hard to provide solutions to our customers and committed to long-term sustained growth and success. And all of you played a crucial role in the enduring history of Thong Hin Loong Hardware and we welcome you to join the celebrations this coming year.